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Ron Stevenson Selfie

Southern Flair


I started baking in my mother's kitchen as a young boy. She is a made-from-scratch southern chef whose yellow cake with chocolate frosting is one of her most requested creations. My desire to bake was always there, however I decided to begin a professional career in IT in 2002 shortly after graduating from Benedict College with a CIS degree. I love all things IT from gadgets to hardware repair, databases, websites and even spent time as a government contractor in Afghanistan.


By 2014, I began spending more time in the kitchen researching new recipes and techniques until I came up with the perfect cheesecake; a creamy NY style masterpiece. From there, I have perfected several creations including everyday cookies, cupcakes and pies, but my passion is in creating hard to find, memorable desserts. To those who love crazy cheesecake and cake creations, our motivation is to present the best combination of flavor and presentation on earth! Ambitious goal, but that's how we do things at GB.


Variety in Style


When is the last time you tried a funnel cake cheesecake? Never heard of it? What about an Almond Joy (c) Cheesecake with coconut almond filling and bits of Almond Joy candy on top? Red Velvet Oreo Cheesecake? White Chocolate Pistachio Cake? We don't just specialize in taste, but we present variety of flavors--in STYLE.

“9 people out of 10 love chocolate. The 10th person is probably not being honest.” 

Parties and More


Our goal is to be your favorite option when there is a life-changing event worth celebrating. From wedding and anniversary cakes to birthday parties, office gatherings or even cookouts, we are ready to provide some of the best dessert experiences you've ever had! 


Contact Us / Phone: 762-233-1609

5375 Victoria Falls, Grovetown, GA

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